With Easter break approaching make sure to book your Herbal Aktiv Peel. The procedure itself is quick but the process of healing and rejuvenating the skin takes up to 5 days. So, use the Easter break to heal and you will be ready for work (or play) with a glowing, smoother and tighter skin.

Herbal Aktiv peeling is a superior peel treatment that helps reduce fine lines, sun damaged skin, acne scarring, pigmentation, or can simply be used to maintain healthy skin. Read more about Herbal A Peel.

What to expect after the treatment

After the treatment, your skin will appear flushed. From day 2 to 5 after the treatment, it is important to use your prescribed care products as instructed.

After 3-5 days the skin will peel and follow-up treatment is required to massage away any old skin. A nutrient-rich preparation is applied to nurture the new skin.

After your treatments, your complexion will be glowing, smoother and tighter.

At The Clear Skin Clinics we are experienced and have successfully used Herbal Aktiv Peel for many years. We know Herbal Aktiv Peel and can share many success stories.

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