What Ultraceuticals product you should use in your current mood ?


What Ultraceuticals product you should use in your current mood ?

Ultraceuticals is an Australian made and owned brand which encompasses both cosmeceutical-grade homecare and professional in-clinic treatment products. We love Ultraceuticals and their mission to provide great products that work to address major skin concerns such as eliminating signs of ageing, acne, redness and pigmentation.

Ultraceuticals as a brand are at the forefront of innovation and use only the latest available ingredients and technologies to consistently release new products and improve existing ones. Whatever skin type, texture and formula you are after, Ultraceuticals has got you covered. So, with so many products to choose from, how are you going to decide what products to add to your cart? Here is a list of what Ultraceuticals products you should try depending on your current mood.

Feeling hot and bothered?

Ultimate B2 Hydrating Serum

This moisture enhancing serum utilises the humectant and emollient moisturising power of Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) with the lipid barrier strengthening power of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) to synergistically draw moisture to the skin, keep it there and provide soft emolliency. Ultimate B2 Hydrating Serum also contains Hyaluronic Acid to synergistically help restore vital moisture balance and provide long-lasting hydration.

Feeling like a long overdue self-care day?

Ultra Clear Purifying Mask 75ml

This clarifying and soothing clay mask helps to absorb excess sebum, clear congestion and soothe dry skin and reduce surface shine. Key ingredients include antioxidants, vitamins and BHA. Non-drying formula helps moisturise the skin’s lipid shield leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and balanced.

Feeling grimy?

Ultra B2 Micellar Solution 200ml

This no-rinse micellar solution thoroughly cleanses to remove impurities and make-up on the face, lips and eyes. The ‘micelles’ act as a gentle magnet to capture dirt, excess sebum and make-up without stripping the skin. Featuring Ultraceuticals B² Technology (Vitamin B3 and Provitamin B5) to help hydrate, and Cucumber Extract to refresh the skin. Paraben free. Soap free. Alcohol free.

Feeling tired?

Ultimate Brightening Serum 30ml

Developed to visibly diminish the appearance of mild or advanced pigmentation and help minimise future skin discolouration, this product contains a powerful blend of skin brightening agents (Artocarpus Extract, Bearberry Extract, Niacinamide). Also containing an optimal blend of highly effective exfoliating ingredients (AHAs and BHA), this potent brightening formula is the ultimate serum to improve texture, clarity and luminosity.

If you are interested in trying any of these products or any other products from the Ultraceuticals range, contact us today on 8677 4918 or shop online at https://spamoment.com.au/shop/product-category/ultraceuticals/

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