Brighter, Firmer, Smoother Skin in just 3 steps. Wiqo One is an innovative Italian product that stimulates the skin’s natural restorative processes in a unique way with minimal discomfort. The multi-layered approach has an immediate lifting and brightening effect on the skin, so it appears smoother and firmer instantly with little or no downtime.

  1. How It Works

Applied topically in-clinic with a specific massage technique, WiQo One has an immediate lifting and brightening effect on the skin, so it appears smoother and firmer instantly. The results are persistent after a full course (5 sessions), especially when followed by the WiQo Cosmeceuticals home treatment protocol. The topical application technique is particularly appreciated by patients who dislike needles.

The unique formulation does not cause frosting so the treatment can be performed year round, with little or no downtime.

  1. Benefits

The treatment works by stimulating skin renewal in a natural way. The immediate effects, visible after the first application, are due to the deep hydration induced by the active ingredients. To stabilise the results and obtain a prolongation of beauty with a true rejuvenating effect, it is recommended to complete a course of 5 in-clinic treatments and follow the home care protocol consistently, using WiQo high quality cosmeceuticals, WiQo Smoothing Face Fluid and WiQo Nourishing and Moisturising Cream for Dry Skin.



What are the Three steps?

One – Activate Stimulation

In-clinic treatment that helps boost the skin’s natural deep revitalisation process with the application of an exclusive and innovative product. The weekly treatment is applied with a specific application technique that optimises percutaneous absorption, over 5 sessions.

Two – Nourish & Protect

At home, the WiQo Nourishing and Moisturising Face Cream is applied to the treated area 2-3 times a day for the first few days and then 1-2 times a day thereafter.

Three – Continue Stimulation

At home, the WiQo Smoothing Face Fluid is applied daily, the day after the first treatment.

How is the WiQo in clinic treatment applied?

Unlike other chemical peels, this treatment involves the topical application of a special WiQo formulation serum, that is massaged into the skin, with a unique massage and stretching technique allowing the product to sink deeply into the sub-dermal layers of skin.

Treating the skin from the outside for a comprehensive rejuvenation of all superficial skin concerns. After a set amount of time, the serum is gently cleansed from the skin, step two product is then applied and your skin is left with a healthy glow.

How does the WiQo treatment work?

Traditional TCA chemical peel treatments may result in peeling, crusting, and sloughing of the skin as a temporary post-treatment effect. WiQo makes use of a unique bio-revitalization process that utilizes low doses of hydrogen peroxide to trigger the growth of fibroblast receptors for new collagen fibre generation. When combined with TCA 33%, hydrogen peroxide causes disruption of the cellular bonds, allowing for the permeation of the chemical formulation into the deeper papillary dermis layers. The body responds through a natural healing process, leading to cellular regeneration, collagen formation, and skin renewal.

Who is a good candidate for this treatment?

If you are unhappy with the dull skin tone, coarse texture, fine lines and wrinkles on your face, sun damage, age spots, hyperpigmentation, loose skin in the neck or décolletage, you could benefit from a WiQo bio-revitalisation treatment.

Consider this unique treatment as a chemical facelift, if you want to achieve facial rejuvenation benefits that are natural looking and longer lasting. WiQo chemical peel is best suited for people who want to address multiple aesthetic concerns in the face, neck, or upper chest, but do not want to go through extended downtime with flaky skin that usually happens with traditional TCA peels.

With the WiQo treatment, you can return to home or work the same day. Patients with any skin type or skin tone may be suitable candidates for this non-invasive skin renewal treatment.

As always, we recommended a consultation in clinic.

What are the key actives?

The formula promotes a patent-pending, innovative interaction between homocysteic acid, ammonium trichloroacetate, in the presence of low concentration hydrogen peroxide.