Achieve smooth, supple skin without the need for invasive treatments with Herbal Aktiv Peel ®. Herbal Aktiv Peel ® uses a completely natural, unique formula of 14 herbs to reveal plump, new, energised skin. No acids or synthetic peeling ingredients, just nature’s best working with your skin. With over 50 years of success Herbal Aktiv Peel is the ideal natural solution for perfect glowing skin.


Herbal Aktiv peeling is a superior peel treatment that helps reduce fine lines, sun damaged skin, acne scarring, pigmentation, or can simply be used to maintain healthy skin. The treatment is safe and gives quick and visible results. The Herbal Aktiv Peel is a medically developed skin regeneration system. It utilises only natural plant ingredients and is a very safe and successful procedure in the treatment of acne, cellulite, age-spots, wrinkles and saggy skin. The green peel causes an increase in blood circulation and results in a peeling of the upper layers of skin.


Perfect for:


  Reducing the appearance of scarring and blemishes.

  Minimising pigmentation.

  Soothing acne.

After the treatment your skin will appear flushed. From day 2 to 5 after the treatment it is important to use your prescribed care products as instructed. After 3-5 days the skin will peel and a follow up treatment is required to massage away any old skin. A nutrient rich preparation is applied to nurture the new skin. After your treatments your complexion will be glowing, smoother and tighter.


  1.  Beauty B Peel


‘B’ Peel Facial – No Extractions $230

‘B’ Peel Facial + Extraction $275


A highly effective, but much milder version of the Herbal Activ peel, with no downtime. Perfect as a beauty boost before big events or as a course of treatments to strengthen, smooth, firm and restructure the skin. Also, helps regulate excess oiliness and reduces impurities and any inflammation in the skin. Can be repeated weekly.

  1. Phyto P Peel


Phyto ‘P’ Peel – No Extraction $270

Phyto ‘P’ Peel + Extraction $315


A highly effective, but more moderate version of the Herbal Activ peel, with minimal downtime. The Phyto Peel can be mixed with different additives to tailor to your skin’s needs. Can be repeated after 2-3 weeks.

  1. Corrective C Peel


Corrective C Peel – Initial Consultation 30min


As the HERBAL AKTIV ‘C’ PEEL is a very strong and active peel treatment, it is important that we assess each person’s skin thoroughly for suitability and readiness. We also look at the lifestyle, medical history, medications, as well as the clients aesthetic goals and desires. This all helps determine that a HERBAL AKTIV CORRECTIVE ‘C’ PEEL treatment can potentially achieve the desired results. In some cases a skin may require building up to the full strength ‘C’ Peel by undergoing one or two of the milder versions such as the ‘B’ Peel or ‘P’ Peel level treatment first. Some skins just need a few weeks of Vitamin A cream to get them ready for the treatment. ONCE THIS INITIAL CONSULTATION AND A TREATMENT PLAN IS ACHIEVED, THE CLIENT CAN THEN BE BOOKED IN FOR THEIR HERBAL AKTIV C-PEEL TREATMENT, WITH CLIENT AGREEMENT.


Corrective ‘C’ Peel $690


New Skin in 5 Days. Recommended for acne, enlarged pores, scarring, ageing skin, loose skin, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. This unique peel treatment includes aftercare products and a post-treatment after 5 days.

*Includes aftercare products (RRP:$192)