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Correct & Conceal Acne Treatment – Medium

Correct & Conceal Acne Treatment – Medium

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Spot corrector and concealer erases the visible signs of skin imperfections while gently exfoliating pore-clogging dead skin cells and dirt..

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• Soft focus concealer provides instant, natural, long-lasting matte coverage

• Maximum-strength acne medication treats and prevents acne on skin surface and within pores

• Tea tree oil helps keep skin clean

• Minimises redness and irritation associated with acne lesions

• Exclusive multi-action redness reduction system rapidly relieves discomfort associated with acne pimples

• ZO-RRS2TM Exclusive potent antioxidant complex protects skin to help minimize inflammation and damage induced by daily oxidative stress

• Triple-action nourishing complex keeps skin hydrated while helping to prevent inadequate healing that can lead to post-acne mark.


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