Skincare tips focusing on body care:

Exercise and nutrition

That beauty comes from within is not a cliché. So the first step in your beauty regime should really be the most basic: healthy nutrition, regular exercise coupled with enough sleep.

Regular exercise will help you to maintain a healthy weight and stay fit. It increases circulation so it adds to your natural glow and helps the body detoxify impurities out of the system resulting in clearer looking skin. Although green juices and coconut water are great nutrient-rich fluids, also make sure to drink plenty of plain water. Water flushes impurities and hydrates the skin from the inside out. Also, eat more vegetables, fruits and watch the alcohol intake.

Exfoliate for a clearer brighter glow

Exfoliation is essential to achieve and maintain healthy polished skin, especially throughout summer. Although skin exfoliates naturally, the rate of skin-cell renewal slows as we age. Every skin type can benefit from exfoliation. Exfoliation needs to be done before waxing, shaving or any other steps.

Waxing is for silky legs

Our waxing treatments use high-quality strip and hot wax to deliver gentle and effective hair removal. We offer a quality clean environment, and we have a strict no re-dipping policy for all our waxing services. Use a good quality after-wax lotion to avoid ingrown hairs and avoid pools and saunas until your skin has recovered. Consult with us on your next visit what products are suitable for your skin.

Smooth & toned legs

Although there is not a cure for cellulite, healthy nutrition and exercise help by lowering body fat, increasing lean muscle and aiding in lymphatic drainage (preventing toxin and fat build-up). To help minimise and reduce the signs of cellulite, The Clear Skin Clinic offers a variety of non-invasive treatments such as SleekSkin TherapyVelasmooth and Ultrashape.

SleekSKIN is a non-invasive cellulite treatment that helps smooth dimpled skin. It uses energy wave technology to vibrate the skins connective tissue. This improves blood flow to the skin, reduces the size of the cellulite and helps flush away the unwanted bumpy build-up that causes that dimpled look. We have successfully been using SleekSkin and the results are amazing!

Get a pro glow without the harming sun

Any degree of bronze makes legs look fitter. Our organic spray tanning is one of our most popular services at the CSC. The Black Magic organic spray is designed for all skin types, is fast drying, non-sticky and odourless. Shower and exfoliate your skin prior to any tanning session. To get the colour to hold, moisturise diligently and stick to cool showers. Hot water dehydrates the skin.

A perfect looking pedicure can do wonders…

Nothing enhances the perfect pair of summer sandals like a pedicure. Our professional pedicures start with a spa soak and exfoliation followed by nail shaping, cuticle trimming, and an invigorating massage. Optionally finish with OPI polish of your choice.

Stretch out the salon spray tan & maintain the glow

Maintain the glow between salon sessions with the Black Magic Tanning Mousse. The Black Magic Super Natural is available in Regular – designed for all skin types and Dark – designed for olive skin for a deeper darker tan. Both formulae are super fast drying and odourless!

Apply with the Tanning Applicator Mitt for an even smooth result and shower off after 2 hours. Your tan will develop over the next 6 hours. To achieve an even darker result, you can leave the formula on for up to 5 hours. It can also be left 1,5 hour for a lighter tan. The Black Magic Tanning Applicator Mitt has been designed to ensure that you can blend your tanning mousse evenly. It can also be used to blend or pat down your spray tan.

  • Make your glow last by keeping your skin moisturised. Moisturising is key to a healthy lasting tan.
  • Use a tan enhancing formula such as the Black Magic Tan Extender. BM Tan extender is a natural moisturizer that softens and smooths the skin.
  • Drink lots of water to keep your skin plump and smooth

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