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Recommended for anyone who wants to improve on the body, particularly those areas that have not responded to exercise or other weight loss treatment. Treatment is customized for the individual, combining the 3 technologies of ultrasound, radio frequency and lymphatic drainage. During the session, the device is guided over the treatment area, a warming sensation is experienced with RF as energy is delivered to the deeper layers of fat and skin. The ability to incorporate all energies on specific areas of the body at the targeted depth of penetration marks.

A healty diet and exercise if highly recommended for better and longer lasting results. It is very important to try drink at least 2 L of water the day before day and day after your treatment.

1.Using a unique combination of radio frequency, ultrasound, vacuum and lymphatic drainage technologies for maximsed and immediate results after just on treatment.
2.Ultrasound cavitation waves causes a vibration the fat cell to break up the fat in the area. The unwanted fat is released from the fat cells which are the moved to the lymphatic system to eliminate from the body.
3.Radio Frequency is used to heat up the fat tissue to 60 degree, underneath the skin in problem target areas and melts the fat. It also stimulates the fibroblasts to replenish and strengthen collagen and elastin to achieve long-term skin tightening and smoothing of the skin.
4.Lymphatic Drainage uses a vacuum to assist the body to drain the fat to the lymphatic system and fast tracking the elimination of the fat cells from the body.